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May 2008

A crow on a pole That bird

The creature on the left is Huck, the crow. He looks like an ordinary hooded crow - one of thousands lurking in the skies above Benevenagh. As crows go, he is quite a shy character and takes evasive action every time he sees a creature that doesn't fly like a crow.

However, this all changes at around six o'clock in the mornings, when he turns into something straight out of the movies or - our preferred explanation - he becomes a fully paid up member of the Limavady Glaziers Preservation Society.

Evidence of the above assertion can be found on YouTube via the link below.

Crow attacking window

If you decide to watch, make sure you have the sound turned on. Huck believes in voicing his opinions at great volume.

A hidden traffic siign Hidden advice

This silly sign was spotted by our eagle-eyed editor in Catherine Street. We are not talking about the big monster giving tourist advice, but about the wee sign right behind and totally obscured by its larger brother. 

The small black and white symbol under the blue and white parking sign shows a tiny bicycle, so evidently it is allowed to park a bike between the two signs, assuming that you can squeeze one in.

The obvious question is of course, why erect a sign in such a hidden location? Not only is it near invisible but it is downright dangerous. Sharp eyed readers will no doubt have noticed that the larger sign has a bent bottom right corner. Obviously a short sighted cyclist has collided with it while trying to read his sign.

If you are interested to read all the other remarkable public notices we have discovered in the Roe Valley, please follow this link to our silly signs collection.

Taking down the tower Taking down a landmark

A Ballykelly landmark is rapidly disappearing into nothing. Our aerial view  shows the old radio tower next to the runway  being taken down bit by rusty bit.

It seems that one crane holds a platform carrying two fitters wielding - one hopes  - huge spanners, whilst the other crane is used to lower the recovered bits of the structure. Nice work if you can get it!

The army base in Ballykelly  is to close very soon, which will be a great blow to the economy of the village.

An ancient kerb An ancient landmark -  gone again!

Our roaming reporter came across this scene outside the entrance to Tesco's, where they are attempting to build a new roundabout.

The two hard-working lads in the foreground seem to have uncovered a kerb, which must have been part of a previous road which led to the old railway bridge, which used to grace this area of the town in days gone by.

This brief flash from the past is covered up again - it was nice to be able to record it though.

AONB sign Area of outstanding natural beauty

Large signs like this one in Aghanloo have appeared in various places proclaiming the  fact that the lucky reader is in an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'.

The authorities are to be congratulated for having finally noticed something that locals have known for many, many years!

This particular sign shows the mountain Benevenagh (spelled with an 'i'), dwarfed by an unnaturally large Mussenden Temple which seems to have slid down to sea-level, where it is being attacked by two giant waves.

What easily-frightened tourists will make of all this is anyone's guess. We can only refer them to our realistic Scenic drive  through the Roe Valley - which at least tries to explain the size of yon waves!

The Roe Valley A sun-drenched valley

We can't let this month go by without commenting on the wonderful weather we've been having recently.

To the right the amazed viewer can study an area of outstanding natural beauty called the 'Roe Valley'. The picture was taken from Benevenagh and looks over Aghanloo and Limavady towards Dungiven and the distant Sperrins.

At the moment the town is full of sunburned people, some of them wearing holiday clothes that haven't seen the local light of day for years!

And everyone you ask says the same thing: "Long may it last."

Fighting billygoats The fighting goats of Benevenagh

Regular readers will have wondered why they have not been kept up-to-date with the fate of the herd of wild goats which roams the cliffs of Benevenagh.

Well, they were seen the other day, and even though they picked a day with terrible seeing  conditions, their vigorous activities can be seen in this excellent film of fighting goats on Benevenagh.

Apart from quarrelling and arguing all the time, they seem to be in excellent condition.


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