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December 2011

Limavady Christmas treeIt's that time of year again

We are talking about Christmas of course. To celebrate the occasion the council has - as in years gone by - erected this strategically placed tree in Drumceat Square. So far today the lights haven't been turned on but we feel sure that our worldly-wise readers can imagine what it will look like.

Experienced Newsbrowser readers will of course have noticed all the useless signs cluttering up the festive view on the right, but they may have missed the little green notice on the wall just behind the tree.
Fire Assembly point
As our close-up shows, this is in fact an important public safety notice reading:

Fire Assembly point.

As it is fairly obvious that a large crowd of  people will have trouble assembling in this particular area - fire or no fire - we offer three alternatives:
  • They can all ignore the assembly point and run down Main Street yelling "Fire! .... Fire!" 
    As more than 200 people might be involved, this could cause a panic.
  • They can all try to obey the notice by climbing the tree. 
  • Depending on  the number of athletes participating this should be entertaining.

  • They could all link arms and dance around the tree singing bonfire songs.
  • This might be fun!
The Limavady Master Plan

This sounds like the title of a very poor novel, but it is in fact the 'Limavady Town Centre Regeneration Plan' published recently. Interested parties are asked to comment and the text of the document can be downloaded via this link.

All the other documents produced by the working group appointed by the Department for Social Development, can be found  on the right of this site.

As far as we can make out, the only thing they forgot to mention is that large juicy pie which is going to float in the sky above the town.
Limavady from Ballyhanna
Limavady Court houseLimavady Courthouse

Some years ago Limavady courthouse was threatened with closure. Well, history is about to repeat itself because the historic old building is one of five centres of justice in Northern Ireland on the hit list of the NI Courts and Tribunals Service.

Apparently it would take a substantial amount of money to keep the old place going. There will be a consultation period of a few weeks before the final decision is made. As these are tough economic times there no prizes for guessing what will happen.



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