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January 2012

Looking towards Donegal

Happy New Year everyone

Tesco's thinly populated car park

Hard times

Currently the national news media report that the Tesco supermarket chain is not doing as well as might be expected. Apparently their latest sales drive has flopped and profits are down.

It occurred to our editor that this must be entirely due to the poor attendance at the above establishment by the Roe Valley population. He certainly has never seen their shop car park and shop so empty on a busy Sunday afternoon.

Man-eaters in Limavady

Man-eaters in Limavady


Whilst wandering about the town feeling somewhat peckish, our hungry editor happened across this appetizing lunchtime menu.

Whilst the 6 for a lunch seems reasonable he feels that 5 for what is bound to be a tough senior citizen is rather expensive, considering that a tender under 12 can be had for only 3.

The less said about the under 5's the better!

If you like this genre, here is a link to our silly sign collection.

Re-wiring Market Street in Limavady

Re-wiring Market Street


As our photograph makes quite clear, Market Street is being given a thorough going over. Diggers are everywhere and strong men struggle with long lengths of cable.

There are those who think that this work is being done just in time, considering that some of the existing installations decorating the walls of the houses look as if they pre-date the invention of electricity.

The Roe Valley Hospital

Limavady on American TV

The Newsbrowser's American ghost-writer Mark McElwee, who was watching television with his daughter Cassie sent us the following urgent report:

Dear Editor
Cassie likes a ghosthunter show on the SyFy channel here.  RIGHT at this very moment (about 1:30 EST), we are watching an episode which features Roe Valley Hospital in Limavady.  They are looking for ghosts in its halls.  How about that! Mark 

Which just goes to show that the taller the tale, the longer the shadow it will throw!

And here is a link to the episode


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