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August 2013

A movie camp

Count Dracula of the O'Cahans

It appears that there is a film crew in town trying to convert the Country Park into Transylvania. Our editor went out to their camp but found only a lot of trailers - all the actors were away at O'Cahans rock pretending to be someone else.

The title of the film is "Dracula year Zero" and the minister in charge of such things emphasised the tourist potential of The Roe Valley's beautiful countryside, of which the Country Park is a prime example.

This worries our editor, because the same thing has always been said about the Bishops Road and he fears that this will give someone the brilliant idea to decorate our beautiful country park with a few dozen 300 foot wind turbines.

The mind boggles!

A stationary trailer

How to explain this!

As far as peculiar mishaps are concerned, this one at the bottom end of the Country Park seems hard to figure out. We've come up with three possible explanations:

1. The Country Park landscapers are not very good at reversing a load. (Unlikely)

2. The parking pressures in the country park are such, that people have been forced to adopt unusual solutions. (Could be)

3. The above mentioned count Dracula had an anachronistic encounter with a modern artefact and didn't cope very well. (Highly likely)

The MSF clock

The passing seconds

Regular readers of the Newsbrowser will know that this publication aims to air the news that other news organisations ignore. Here is one such item.

At the moment UTC - which is the time shown by highly accurate atomic clocks - and GMT - which is the time dependent on the rotation of the planet Earth - are in precise accord.

Due to tidal friction, earthquakes and other matters the Earth is gradually slowing down, which forces the people in charge of such matters to insert a leap second every few years or so to make sure that GMT - which we all live by - and UTC, which computers live by - coincide.  Any difference less than a second is ignored. Currently - as can be seen from the white 0s in the above readout from the MSF atomic clock in Anthorn, there is no difference whatsoever between UTC and GMT.

We feel sure that our readers were keen to know this.


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