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July 2013

Cycles in Market Street

Market Street in Limavady

Here is a view of a not very busy Saturday Market Street. More people seem to be going than coming - a sign of the times no doubt.

The gentlemen wearing the pretty shirts are members of the local Causeway cycle club. The new recruit on the left obviously will have to see his tailor pretty soon!

Irish music - Elvis and all

The sounds of music

This remarkably silly sign was spotted by our editor in a local store.

Says he:

"It gives one a whole new perspective on the history of Irish music, and certain puzzling events of the past, suddenly make a lot more sense!"

Whatever can he mean?

Here is a link to our famous Silly Sign Collection

Jessie jodelling for Limavady 400FM

Limavady 400 FM

To celebrate the fact that Limavady became 400 years old this year, a three day special radio Station will broadcast in August. The theme of the transmission will be Limavady's history, its music and its people. With luck, various happenings will take place outside the Cultural Centre.

You can listen to all this on the 8th, 9th and 10th of August on 106MHz FM and if you have any ideas for the broadcasts, Peter Vamos on 075 1236 0422 will be happy to hear from you.

As can be seen on the left, our News-hound Jessie is already practising for the yodelling competition she is always dreaming about!

The heat wave

After waiting for only about 15 years, the Roe Valley has finally been struck by a heat wave. Very nice for some and most tiresome for others.

The only temporary relief is the sea mist drifting in from Lough Foyle. This can be clearly studied in the remarkable photograph below. Also notice all those  wind turbines. Not one of them was actually turning.

Sea mist in the Roe Valley

An udderly neat tail

The Limavady Agricultural show (in pictures)

This event took place again in the last third of the month. The location was Aghanloo and the weather was so glorious, that there was a correspondingly huge demand for drink and shadow.

As the splendid milch cow on the left demonstrates, the work and effort put into this event by everyone was udderly prodigious.

Rather than write a lot about it all, we present some pictures.

Limavady Show 2013

Man-handling an exhibit

Visitors to the Limavady show

Picking the winner

Two very neat creatures

Two very neat young creatures.

Time to walk into the sunset

Time to walk into the sunset



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