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April 2014

Building works in the Roe Valley Country Park

The Country Park

This usually tranquil place is hardly to be recognised these days - what with huge machines digging even huge-r holes in order to bury massive water pipes.

Our photograph shows only part of the rather large building site. Experienced countryparkers may just about be able to identify the ruin of the old beetling mill looking out of the mess on the left.

All this hectic activity serves a purpose of course. It has been decided to revamp Mr Ritter's old power station and generate some hydro electricity again. This will not only keep the lights burning but be a useful educational experience as well. All this underground pipework will connect the water turbine in the power station with the revamped mill race spottable in the distance. 

Its not a pretty site, but one imagine it will look  lot better than giant wind turbines on Benevenagh.

Drenagh House

Drenagh estate has gone into administration

Limavady ex-pats will be amazed to hear that Drenagh estate has gone into administration and has been put up for sale.

Drenagh is located just outside Limavady in the townland of Fruithill. It has been owned by the McCausland family since the 18th century and they built the magnificent Georgian mansion in 1837. Mr Conolly McCausland managed the house as a five star guest house and wedding venue.

So if anyone one out there has a bit of spare cash and has always wanted to own a stately home - now is your chance.

Lambs eating daffodils

The lambing season

The lambing season up on Benevenagh mountain is in full swing. The grass is green, the lambs are fat and the daffodils are rapidly disappearing.

We thought some of our readers would like the picture on the left, hence this rather silly little article!

The exhibition

A Street through Time

This is the name of a rather nice exhibition in the cultural centre. It concentrates on Market Street and Catherine Street, displaying some of the equipment used in local shops donkey's years ago.

Apart from a highly interesting aerial photograph of Limavady - taken in 1955 - we enjoyed particularly seeing Willie Wallace's old delivery bike again.

Entry - as always - is totally free and everyone is welcome.


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