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December 2014


A misty morning

The weather so far

Until some solid news comes our way, we may as well engage in some talk about the weather.

Usually Novembers are cold and miserable around here, but this year it hasn't been bad at all. Very little frost frost, a bit of rain and  sunshine and some rather romantic-looking mist, as our picture on the left shows.

If this continues and the heating oil prices keep on falling, we will all save a lot of money this year!

Noisy Tesco

Noisy Tesco

No doubt local shoppers will have noticed that the once quiet and relatively restful Tesco shop has become a very noisy place these days. No matter where you go, some vaguely music-like noise assaults your brain and destroys your concentration.

Our editor - as usual - has tried to make sense of this and has come up with the following guesses:

  • Someone  in authority in Tesco's is so arrogant, he thinks he knows precisely what everyone wants to listen to.  (Surely not)

  • Tesco's have far too many customers and want to encourage some of them to go to the nice and quiet Lidl's shop just opposite instead. (Very strange)

  • It's a sales trick: They are trying to up the sale of ear plugs! (Highly likely)

No doubt our readers can think of some even better reasons for this anti-social behaviour.

Titanic sign

Here is the sort of  sign

you don't see every day in Limavady. Judging by its contents it is mounted at just about eye-level for the regular clientele of this athletic endeavour.

Said one pedestrian to the other:

"There is nothing worse than kick boxing titans!"

"Particularly if you are a dwarf"

replied the other.

This corner of Limavady seems to be full of unusual enterprises, because just opposite the sign on the right we found a notice pointing to Limavady's brand new underground car wash. (We didn't find the entrance though!)

under ground carwash

Christmas rush in Limavady

Christmas rush Limavady style

Readers not living in Limavady but secretly wishing that they could, always like to be reminded what the place looks like around this time of the year.

On the left the homesick eye can spot Market Street with a fair sprinkling of shoppers carrying an encouraging amount of shopping bags stuffed to the brim with goodies bought in the local shops.

There even was some entertainment of a different kind. Rather than subject shoppers to the usual boring repetition of the same ten or twelve tired old Christmassy tunes, we heard some rather war-like drums echoing up and down the street.

The group on the left of our picture was responsible for this unusual entertainment.



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