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March 2014

Old stock-pen in the Market Yard

A view from not that long ago

Older - and not so old - readers will instantly recognize the view on the right. It's the stock pens in the old Market Yard.

This is of course the same place as that eternal building site at the entrance to Limavady town. Our picture was taken on the 20th of January 2000. The cattle market had already closed and was just dozing in the sun waiting for better things to come.

Strange times when you can plan to build wind turbines on beautiful Benevenagh, but can't do anything with an eyesore so much closer to town!

Orienteering group

The legendary LegenDerry 3 Day

The colourful group on the left are some of the participants in the LegendDerry 3 Day orienteering event which started on Benevenagh mountain on the 15th of this month.

Basically orienteering involves people walking around a lot trying not to get lost which, considering they all have maps, is not at all easy. This event was organized by the NI Orienteering association and attracted very fit-looking people from all over Ireland.

You can learn more about it by following this link.

Linen Hall street

Renovating Linenhall Street

The facelift given to Linenhall Street in central Limavady has finally been completed - and a good job was done by all. Wonderful new footpaths and a gleaming stretch of near-seamless tarmac that will have the pilots at Eglinton Airfield blush with envy.

However, attentive students of "Public Works Co-ordination Studies" will no doubt have noticed all those white markings defacing the bottom half of this gleaming edifice. Could it be that the diggers are already waiting to install some highly desirable telephone lines?

Only time will tell.

The Lough Foyle Ferry

The Lough Foyle Ferry returns

Readers who have been following the ship traffic on Lough Foyle traced elsewhere on this site, will no doubt have noticed that the Lough Foyle ferry is operating again. Regular service began on the 28th of this month.

In the past it has been found difficult to raise enough money for this useful service, but hopefully these problems have been solved for the rest of this year.

Our photograph shows the Foyle Venture - the ferry in question - about to leave the pier in Magilligan to head across to Greencastle - saving  drivers a thirty mile trip around Lough Foyle.



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