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May 2014

Various paintings

Art exhibition in the Cultural Centre

As part of the Danny Boy Festival, the Cultural Centre is staging the Limavady Open Art Exhibition 2014. This features works by local artists and is well worth a visit - some of the pictures are downright nice!

Interested art lovers will find the exhibition in the Keady gallery, which is upstairs just past a rather good collection of pottery produced by Gerry Mullan.

a white bluebell

White bluebells

Here is a rare sight we came across under some trees in a hidden corner of mount Benevenagh: in amongst a mass of thousands of blue flowers, a single white common bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta).

Spanish bluebells have a white variety which is quite common, but the British bluebell - which can be easily recognised by its vibrant blue-purple colour and the fact that it nods all its flowers to one side - is only white when a rare genetic mutation produces an albino.

A polling station

Election fever

There have been European and local elections in the Roe Valley.

Words are not adequate to describe the excitement stirred up by all this. Our picture of a local rural polling station clearly demonstrates the feverish hustle and bustle which accompanies such an event.


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