The pilot
The pilot

A flight over the valley

It was decided that what this website really needs is some aerial photography. The Eglinton Flying Club who - as luck would have it - are the proud owners of a Piper PA-28 Cherokee aircraft - kindly made this dream a reality.

Unfortunately the weather was not the best . Below is the corner of the airfield the flying club calls home. The helicopter just came for a short visit and was not available to hopeful photographers.
Englinton airfield  

Our charming pilot got us safely off the ground and as Eglinton airport is on the shores of Lough Foyle, the first thing we saw when airborne was the coast of Donegal on the other side of the lough. It seems that they had all the sunlight - again!
DEonegal and Lough Foyle

Only a few moments later we could look down on Greencastle, near the beginning of Lough Foyle. It would have been nice if the ferry to Magilligan Point would have been visible, but the cowards hid when they heard our engine. I think someone told them that this was the first ever flight for our lady pilot.
The harbour of Greencastle stands out quite well as indeed do all the bungalows - many of them built as part of the disastrous building boom some years back.
Greencastle from the air

We are flying over Northern Ireland now.  Below us is the mouth of the Roe with Lough Foyle and the coast of Donegal in the background. Notice the railway bridge in the centre and the sea wall to the left of the view. The white spots on the fields in the estuary are swans. Thousands of these beautiful birds spend the Winter here.
The Roe mouth from the air

View of Benevenagh mountain, the Magilligan peninsula and Donegal. This is one of the photographs which could definitely have done with some sunlight.
Benevenagh from the air

The townlands of Freehall and Ballyhanna. Somewhere down there you can find the offices of the News Browser. the Roe Valley's famous on-line newspaper.

Ballyhanna from the air

The meanders of the river Roe on its way from the Sperrins to Lough Foyle. Limavady is at the top left of the view.

The winding river Roe from above.

And here is part of Limavady. The new by-pass is at the bottom. I was aiming for the centre of town which is to the right of the right edge of this picture. Better luck next time!

Limavady from the air.

A view of Ballykelly, with the church of Tamlaght Finlagan in the top left.

Ballykelly from the air

We have left the Roe Valley and are now over the city at the end of the lough. How peaceful it all looks from up here.

Lough Foyle and Londonderry

Here is the peace bridge and the Guildhall from high above. We are not sure what that ugly tan square is all about.

The peace bridge and Guild Hall from the air

Many people from the Roe Valley - including this one -  used to work here. You are looking at part of the Maydown industrial estate. On the bottom left is what is left of the floor of Coolkeeragh power station and behind that used to be BOC's carbide plant and Wolf plant. All gone but not forgotten, as they say.


The mechanic
It's time to head back to the airport.

Due to contrary winds and unfortunate tilts of the aircraft, no picture of this important event could be taken.
But let us not forget that planes and pilots are all very fine, but where would they all be without a ground crew and some really good aircraft-mechanics who can almost perform miracles with a simple pair of pliers?

Not up there anyway!

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