The Local History Trail

The Roe Valley has a surprisingly rich historical inheritance and our efforts are only scratching the surface. Suggestions for further themes are more than welcome, as indeed is any additional information.
A short
History of
Borough's Crest
Crest link
Broighter Gold
Broighter Gold link
The old
Power Station
Power station link
The Dolmen
Carrick East
Dolmen link
The mound of Drumceat The
                        mount of Drumceat
The Rough Fort Rough Fort link
O'Cahan's Tomb O'Cahan's Tomb
The Ballyquin
Cenotaph link
Martello Tower
at Magilligan
Martello Tower link
The Name of The River River Roe link
The Lough Foyle Base Line Lough Foyle Base link
Priory link
Sampson's Tower Link to Sampson's Tower
Bovevagh Old Church Bovevagh Old Church link
The Roe Valley Hospital Roe
                        valley hospital 
Old Church
Link to Banagher old Church
The old gateway
Drumachose Old Church Drumachose Old Church link
The old Roe Bridge Roe Bridge link
The Largy or Dogleap Bridge Paper link
Cushy Glen: Cut-throat and Highway man The
                        black dome
The WW2 airbase in Aghanloo The
                        black dome
Dungiven Castle Dungiven Tower
Some old photographs from Limavady Link to old pictures

Some old photographs from the Russion front in WWII Panzer in Russia

I gladly acknowledge the fact that without Samuel P Mitchell's book "The land of the Roe" and the Rev. T. H. Mullin's "Limavady and the Roe Valley" these pages would be nearly empty.

I also thank those nice people in the Country Park Centre for letting me photograph O'Cahan's tomb and the management of Drenagh Estate for access to the old Drumachose Church.

If there is any man who could tell us more about the churches in Tamlaghtfinlagan than the late Harold Gough, I would like to meet him.

I would also like to say a special "thank you" to Ken Steward from the Ordnance Survey NI for patiently supplying me with a lot of background information about the Lough Foyle base line.

Thanks are also due to Mr and Mrs McConway for letting me stagger all over their land in order to see the Minearny tower and to a very nice farmer whose name I forgot to ask, for access to the North base tower.  

Thanks to an unkown writer for historical facts about Dungiven Castle. I have the printout but no name or url.

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