Ships on
Lough Foyle

The Foyle Venture and the Princess Daphne
The Foyle Venture and the Princess Daphne

All ships larger than 200 tons and all passenger ships must carry an AIS transmitter, which broadcasts their position, name and various other bits of information at all times. With the right computer program, a radar-like display of marine movements can be produced. Various amateurs link their receivers to the web so that anyone can see this. The display below will show ships' positions on Lough Foyle if:
  • The remote server at Marine is on line
  • Some receiver linked to the web and overlooking Lough Foyle is turned on
  • There are some ships about.

Certain local ships can be expected most of the time. Particularly the Shrove, a small cabin cruiser belonging to the harbour authority, the 'Lough Foyle' - a dredger - and the 'Foyle Pilot' - a pilot boat - make regular appearances. Ships on the move are shown with the top-view outline of a ship, stationary objects are shown as a diamond. Clicking with the left button on any ship displays a picture and some information about the vessel. Click and drag the map  if you want to explore a different part of the area.

Don't be fooled by the appearance of a lone marker North by East of Limavady - on what appears to be bone dry land. This is not a steamer ploughing through Benevenagh forest, but a way-station belonging to the Belfast Coast Guard. It transmits navigational signals.

Occasionally you may spot a ship not only on dry land but crossing mountain ranges at high speed. If this customer is marked SAR, it will be the Sea/Air Rescue helicopter from Sligo and not an ocean liner after all.

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