To enable Limavady exiles  to remember the days gone by when they were younger and often better looking, I present some pictures of what the four main post-primary schools in the area look like these days. Much has changed or is in the process of changing, only old memories are constant.

Limavady's Schools

This statue of the the famous hound that jumped the Roe can be seen in the grounds of the High School. It seems to show the creature after a heavy landing on the other side of the river, because one front paw is broken and a hind leg is badly damaged.

Limavady High School Limavady High School

This splendid educational establishment was completely revamped a few years back. All the old huts have gone and they have several thousand students who - like the clients of St Mary's next door are a fine and sometimes well-behaved body of students.

St Mary's St Mary's High School

This school has also had a face-lift a few years back. Together with Limavady High they are responsible for 90 percent of morning and evening traffic jams in Limavady.

The tech The Tech

Traditionally further education has been neglected in Northern Ireland and the Tech is no exception. Currently they are revamping the front and ground floor of the building. I will show you a better picture when the builders move out.

Those colours are something else!

The Grzmmar School The Grammar School

A large and well financed establishment. Like the other schools in town it has been recently enlarged. In fact, the place seems to grow larger as you watch it.

Tudor with sign
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