A friendly Weather Warning 

Occasionally this site has been accused of only ever showing sunny pictures of the Roe Valley which, it is felt, gives an overly optimistic impression of the average cloud cover to be expected hereabouts. I feel obliged to state publicly that this accusation is, strictly speaking, entirely correct.

Although it is a fact that during the last few years there was only one day when the sun did not blaze over Limavady, I have to admit that usually there is a thick layer of clouds between the prime luminary and our damp little town. It must be said however, that some of the light often manages to get through.

It is also true to say that we tend to have the odd sudden shower. But the old wives' tale that it rains here all the time is of course untrue: we do make use of hail, sleet, slush, snow and other precipitations whenever convenient. The silly rumour that even the farm animals use umbrellas around here, is totally unfounded.  It is far too windy for umbrellas.

Some cows with umbrellas

It could also be true that on the few sunny days available, all local photographers grab their equipment and rush out to take pictures of the suddenly bright and sunny surroundings: this is the only way known to photographic man to keep the expensive equipment dry.

So be warned, surfer from afar: My cameras never get wet ... ever!  
Jochen Lueg

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