Limavady and the Roe Valley
by Jochen Lueg

Main Street Limavady in the Roe Valley

Main Street, Limavady
This site is about the town of Limavady in the beautiful Roe Valley in Northern Ireland. Amongst other things you can read about local history, adventurous scenery and some rather strange local characters - several of whom are connected with yows and cows. There could also be some border collies.

Around the town

Tiny view of the Roe
A walk along the Roe
A stroll through Limavady Cow with umbrella
The local weather
A predicament
Limavady Traffic Lore
Another predicament
A short history of the town
A small green map
Where is Limavady?
Poems from the Roe Valley A small dany
Wild flowers on Benevenagh
Dog on Benevenagh
A Roe Valley picture book
Limavady schools market street
The Streets of Limavady

Ships on Lough Foyle
Maritime comings and goings
Ballyhanna sheepwash
The townland of Ballyhanna
The country park spot
The Roe Valley Country Park
The pilot
A flight over the valley

There are many more local photographs in high resolutiom
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A cyber rag

Roe Valley News Browser

  • A riveting read!
  • Packed with photographs in several colours!!
  • Featuring local characters in various poses!!!
  • Brimful of useless information!!!!
  • Dead as a duck!!   !!!

The Roe Valley News Browser

Latest edition The Roe Valley News Browser
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A notice board A notice board The Notice Board

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A drive around the valley Downhill A Scenic Drive

 An at first very relaxed drive
around the Roe Valley

A silly signThe Silly Sign Collection

From the News Browser

Local history

Cushy Glen
Cut-throat and highway-man
 Dungiven Castle
The Lough Foyle Base Line The old hydro-electric power station
Martello tower in Magilligan  
The Martello Tower
You may visit many more old places on

The Local History Trail

The black dome 
The old Limavady airbase
Ye olde Tech
If you are 30 plus and went to the Tech, this was for you!
The Broighter Gold
The mound of Drumceat O'Cahan's Tomb


Some likely and unlikely tales

A walk in the dark

or: The country park at night
Of yows and cows

and people in white coats

The famous Limavady cattle stampede
The Beaker people
Industrial shinannigans at the old
BOC Maydown plant
View over the valley
 Tales from the Roe Valley

Tales from the country side

Two border collie pups sitting on a book Border Collie Tales

Border Collie Tales
Crawling the plank

How not to look for a lost key.
The postman cometh

This one may never come again.
The guesthouse in Killarney

Whatever you do, don't stay here!
A funny thing happened . . .

My short career as a Roman slave


Other matters

Several of my movies

on YouTube
Windfarm on Benevenagh

Opposing it
Oil paintings by Margaret Lueg

Many oil paintings of local scenery 
A bat spriteThe sounds of bat and owl

Some noisy local wildlife


Interfacing with the Velleman K8055 & K8061
Interfacing the Raspberry Pi
All my RISC OS software A hard drive
earthquake detector

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