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  December 2001

Waiting for Santa  

A large crowd with an average age of about six years blocked Main Street today to await the arrival of the man with the dullest razor and dress sense on the planet.

You've guessed it: Santa arrived. And with the help of the Limavady fire brigade and loud applause from his young admirers he helped the mayor to turn on the Christmas lights.

Children waiting for Santa
Roadworks Roadworks  

This is lower Main Street on Sunday the 2nd. A dozen huge machines were busy re-surfacing the road, attended by many men, half of whom seemed to be suffering from very cold hands, judging by the way they had to warm them in their trouser pockets.

It is of course very gratifying to see so much activity when most other people have the time to stop and watch, but unfortunately nobody had told Tescos very much about this civic improvement. Their customers suddenly found themselves cut off from the car park, and as Limavady drivers can't possibly be expected to walk more than about ten yards away from their cars, Tesco's shop was nearly empty.

The By-Pass has come to Pass  

On the 7th day of this month Peter Robinson, who is Ulster's 'Minister for Opening By-passes', started work on our long awaited by-pass. He must either have had a very large shovel or else he works much harder than your average politician, because - as can be seen - he produced an admirably high pile of dirt at which our photographer could only marvel.

A pile of dirt
Since this first heroic effort nothing much seems to have happened. There is an exhibition in the council offices, but it consists of no shovel and only a single map. We think that our November map of the project is much prettier.
Path in the Country Park
The mill race
The last Sign of the Year

The scene on the top left was taken in the Roe Valley Country Park and shows the path to the car park. In the left of the picture is the old mill race and to its right is a sign fastened to the tree with two large nails warning of the sudden drop.

This is one of the few signs in that locality that actually makes sense. But given that the Park is full of pointless fences, how come that the one place that actually needs a fence sports only a sign?

Furthermore, it is known that driving nails into living trees opens a path for diseases. To see this sort of thing done in a Country Park is surprising.

Beware hidden drop
Snowy hills in the distance A slightly White Christmas  

Just in time for Boxing Day Limavady acquired some snow! It looks pretty on the distant hills but in town it turns very quickly into the kind of Limavady slush that few would want to dream about.

The finest Limavady slush
The Sales haven't Started  

Local traders are always saying that Limavady people should support the centre of town shops. Today, after the long Christmas break with money burning tiny little holes into their pockets, Limavady shoppers tried to do just that. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed - even those with 'Sale' signs in their windows and people were forced to go to Coleraine and Derry, where business was booming and were you could meet people from Limavady in every shop.

Those that stayed at home walked up and down in the rain and thanked the muses that at least the loudspeakers were turned off.

Closed for business

Christmas sales in Limavady
Happy New Year


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