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December 2003


A worried looking door Panicking exits

Stress, fatigue and needless worry are common illnesses around this time of the year: what with the weather, the lack of lengthy daylight and the annual Christmas-carry-on trying to drive us all mad.

The seriousness of this problem cannot be truly appreciated until one visits Tesco's supermarket where even the doors seem to have a hard time coping. Our editor tried to calm this one down but to no avail, it remained highly alarmed just the same.

If even the doors can't cope, what hope is there for the rest of us?

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The new tech Enlarging the Tech

The large red thing on the right of the picture is the new extension for Limavady College, better known as the Tech. It is nice to see that finally some money is being spent on Further Education and hopefully this huge new wing will make some of the terrible huts and mobiles redundant.

Mind you, as far as architectural beauty goes the Tech has always been on the extremely ugly side of things and this new construction isn't likely to change that very much.

Night view of Limavady Limavady at night

In the dark Limavady is even prettier than in daylight, if you look down from Benevenagh when the night is clear.

Owl-eyed readers will spot the very bright light near the centre of the picture. It is some sort of security light close to the recreation grounds. The light either is a failed attempt to light up Benevenagh or it is very badly adjusted indeed!

Where is my drink?

This reckless publication wishes all its bored readership a
happy and moderately prosperous New Year.


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