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December 1998

Roe Valley News Browser takes on apprentice news-hounds
The staff of the News Browser have been joined by Tudor and Shep, also known as Bruiser and Runt. Both are relatively young for this important position but show much promise and far too much enthusiasm.

They are local lads, but their ancestors came from somewhere near the English/Scottish border.

Tudor and Shep

Shep and Tudor, (later: Bruiser and Runt)

Chamber of Trade tries to scare away the last shoppers
In an inspired attempt to scare away the last shoppers who still use the centre of town, the chamber has erected numerous loudspeakers all over the place. They blast away all day long and play music of such appallingly bad taste, that even the dogs refuse to go into town.

Some people race around like mad to do their shopping 'ere the racket starts, others obviously have to shop elsewhere. Another example of brilliant planning.

Back from the USA
Art students from Limavady College have just returned from a one week field trip to New York. In an interview, Paul Little, head of art and other things said:

"We found no fields in New York and I am tired."

Christmas in the Valley
Its that time of the year again. Market Street is full of last minute shoppers trying to dodge the awful music; there is an ice cold wind mixed with liberal amounts of rain, guys with white beards dressed in motheaten red hooded coats jump out of every corner - and the parking is atrocious.

The coffee in the Oven Door cafe was very Irish and you can easily spot the regulars by the way they stagger home.

Happy holidays to all our readers.

Market Street
The Great Storm of 1998
Wind damage
The year went out with a bang. A howling storm with wind speed of over 160km/h raged over Limavady. Many houses lost parts of their roofs, the television transmitter was off for two days causing many people to miss all the Christmas repeats. The Country Park lost many trees - some of them old friends of mine.

Many townspeople feel that as we pay the highest electricity prices in the country, it would be nice to have a regular supply of the stuff.

On the left is some of the wind damage in the Country Park. Its a pity the storm didn't knock down some of those tasteless notices that have appeared like magic mushrooms over the last few months.


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