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January 2000

Another shop is closing in Market Street

Market Street is starting to look like the centre of a ghost town. Googies are holding a closing down sale and soon the shutters will come down for good.

Walking down the street makes it very obvious that soon there will be more businesses closed than still trading.

Closing down
Building works yet again Traffic jams yet again

They have started to fix Main Street yet again. The place is full of cars that would like to be driven somewhere but aren't. The centre of town is so full of traffic that people in Derry, 20 miles down the road, must be wondering what is happening up the road, whilst a few tired looking people using worn-out machinery are attempting to do something to the upper half of Main Street.

As far as town improvement is concerned, this is a dead loss, but re-evaluated as a slow motion pantomime it's brilliant.

A well worth transformation

Wellworth, who seem to be trying to re-invent themselves, must be nearly finished with ripping the place apart right in front of the eyes of their astonished customers. The inside is nearly finished - apart from a new off-licence which, it is hoped, will give a swagger to the centre of town.

Alastair Smyth has been spotted walking around the shop wearing the sort of decaying trousers you will only see on a man supervising workmen engaged in an extremely dirty job, whilst his son Richard walks about wearing a very dark suit.

A Shop front

Mind you, the music inside the place is as loud and awful as ever.


On Saturday the 22nd Limavady lost to Armagh by 0 - 2.

In the Bass Irish Cup however, they beat Carrick 3 - 1.


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