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January 2001

The New Year

Another year has begun and Limavady is slowly getting back to normal, apart from the Country Park which still echoes to the wheezes of New Year resolution joggers. Speaking about the Country Park, have you seen the mess the farmer made of the paths? Why anyone would want to cart manure about the place at this time of year is anyone's guess.

All the shops in town are open again, Main Street is full of cars and it is wet and rainy.

A rainy Main Street
Smashed barrier outside the Council Offices Smashed fence outside Lidl's
Parking Problems  

It is a well known fact that parking in Limavady is a joy. There are few restrictions and handy yellow parking lines are to be found everywhere.

It is also known that if there is a parking arrangement anywhere else in the world more idiotic than the one outside the Council Offices, it must be a great distance away. However, the driver that parked right across yon barrier must have been high on spirits indeed!

Afterwards the same person seems to have tried to park in Lidl's car park, with predictable results, judging by the state of their fence.

Tweedies on the down An Old Picture

Our prizeless photographer sorted some old pictures the other day when he discovered the shot on the left, showing Tweedy Acheson's doom. On closer examination the optimistic buzzard on the right was revealed.

Isn't it amazing how many things go on in Limavady that are hidden to the first careless glance?

An optimistic buzzard
Not a yellow sub-marine A New Building

The new building between the Thatch and the fire-station plus one, is nearly finished. The builders who are expert not only in building but also in causing unprecedented traffic jams are adding the final touch of yellow paint. Pity they didn't paint Albert Love's house yellow while they were at it.

The architect is to be congratulated - the new structure blends in well with the rest of Catherine Street - apart from the fire station of course, but only total demolition would do that ugly monstrosity justice.

A Lidl store A Lidl bit of trouble?

Usually unreliable sources - ie Limavady gossip - inform us that Lidl might be planning to pull out after only four months in the town. This comes as no surprise as the place is usually as empty as their free car park is full.

Should this rumour be true Lidl can at least pride themselves on having brought down the price of the town's baked beans to nine pence. This reporter is going to miss all those continental foods though.

Crossing the blue-green Water

Work on the new ferry terminal at Magilligan point will start in a few weeks. The plan is to join the Roe Valley with Greencastle in Donegal via a car ferry.

Once this scheme is finished the tedious 50 mile trip via Derry just to get to Donegal will be a thing of the past. Hopefully the entrance to the Martello Tower will have been fixed by that time so that the numerous tourists can take a look at the place.

A ferry across to Donegal will make life easier for many people. It is almost guaranteed to offer escaped prisoners from the nearby jail a completely new route to freedom.

Greencastle across the water
'We give children away for free' sign Limavady - Adoption Capital of the World?  

At the moment the national news is full of stories about buying children for adoption over the internet and the media are making a fortune writing about this. Very few people know that Limavady is way ahead of the American competition in this area of human endeavour.

Witness this sign outside at least one shop in Main Street today. Not only does the company give the children away for no payment whatever, but the brats - who seem to be trained falconers - even come with a guarantee.

How do you guarantee a child who likes to play with birds of prey?

A shop in Mainstreet
Another ex footpath Road Diggers strike again

Whatever the builders were looking for when they dug up upper Main Street they didn't find, because they have started at the bottom end of town, all the way from the old post office to the petrol station.

Obviously Limavady wouldn't be Limavady if someone didn't dig holes somewhere in the town on a continuous basis. What this paper would like to know is: Why do they never get fed up doing it?


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