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January 1998
Bye bye Alexander Memorial Hall
Scaffolds have been growing up all around the town hall. Half the roof is gone and the sound of men busily at work making tea can be clearly heard.

The old town hall is in the process of being torn down.

Good bye town hall. I hope you arise again in old-fashioned beauty.

Oil strike in Catherine Street?
Somebody seems to be looking for black gold in Catherine Street - just outside the new toilets. The pavement bas been torn up, men mill about doing strange things with building implements, pedestrians run for their lives and the place is a mess.
Building works

Good luck boys, maybe an oiled strike will pay for the toilets?
Official Vandalism
Yet another of the beautiful trees that used to line Catherine Street has just been chopped down. This time it is the one that used to be outside the fire station.

The tree was one of several that were planted after the first world war, donated by old Massey himself. One tree for every Limavady man that died in Flanders!

Some people have a short memory and no sense of history.

Town Hall demolition
Other people,however, do seem to have a sense of history. The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society and over six hundred townspeople have objected to the demolition of the old, but crumbling town hall.

The story continues.

Mobile phones
Orange Telecommunication want to plaster the borough with base stations for their mobile phone network. (For base station read great big ugly mast.) People in other areas of Ulster have already complained about this. Will Limavady be the next victim?
The tale of the missing tree
It appears that the local council conspired with the DOE (Department Of the Environment) to chop the tree down without asking anyone else for their opinions. You would think that people charged with looking after the environment would protect trees, but .....

Apparently the tree happened to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. You might say the same thing about the poor Limavady lad who died in France all those years ago and in whose honour the tree was planted - but it had to be cut down to protect the environment.

Voters and shoppers, remember. Who might have benefited from this act of official vandalism?

Town Hall petitions
Mrs McDonnell is currently looking for loads of people to the sign her "Save the Town Hall facade" petition. During the weekend she was outside John Howe's vegetable shop.

Go on people, please sign it. What you are going to get instead is bound to be worse.

Faked 10 pound notes
Apparently the town is awash with faked 10 pound notes. Some clown photocopied them onto good quality paper. The police say they are difficult to spot, so watch out.

It has also been reported that all the colour photo-copiers in town were sold out during a sudden, unexplained rush!

Limavady United has finally won a match. They beat Ballyclare Comrades 1:0. The goal was shot by Barry Curran and was a good one.

How about a lock of goals next time, boys?!

Limavady Rugby club won their last match against Cookstown 79 : 7.

They must be really good!

The Rugby club have done it again. This time they ended the game 54 points ahead of Ophir while Limavady United lost 3:0 to Omagh.


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