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May 2001

The editor pulling out a few remaining hairs Why is nothing happening?  

The action shot on the left shows the Roe Valley News Browser's editor desperately trying to find something to report. All to no avail. Cries of:

"Why is nothing happening" and sometimes: " Please people, do something!"

echo through the darkened offices of an organisation gripped by boring turmoil. So until something does, this pathetic excuse for an article is all our readers will have to look at. After all, you have only yourselves to blame.

Now you see it - now you don't  

People in the Thatch must be really fed up with building works. First the building on the right was replaced and now the building on the left has practically disappeared over night.

Luckily most of the customers won't have noticed a thing.

A hole in Catherine Street
The swallows are back  

It must be springtime, because the 'lazy swallows' have come back from the far away South. These strange creatures reputedly spend most of their life on the wing - eating, mating and even sleeping whilst flapping their wings to retain the proper altitude.

And what do they do when they return to Limavady? They stop all this activity and sit about on telephone wires all day long having a good time.

It must be the air!

A swallow resting on a wire
Two people on stilts The Mayor's Parade  

It was time again for this famous Limavady spectacle. This reporter was alerted to the fact when his lunch was interrupted by some very loud noise coming in from the direction of the town. He grabbed his own spectacles, nearly forgot the camera and hurried out to Main Street. He arrived just in time to see some of the less well balanced Limavady citizens staggering down the street.

A large and admiring crowd had turned up to watch some imaginatively designed floats parade through the town.

Another float
One of several floats with the Alexander memorial Hall in the background.
The float of the Tech
Don't believe a word about the jungle - all the would be Tarzans are in the Tech!
The end of the parade
The beginning of the parade moved at about twice the speed of the rest so that it sometimes seemed that we had two parades in town, but the large crowd was well satisfied with the colourful show and the little lady on the right seems to have been the happiest of them all. A nice little girl.
Painting the Tech  

The re-decoration of the Tech is progressing at a furious rate. The entrance hall is already totally different and certainly better looking than of yore. The improvement activities have now been extended to the canteen/assembly hall. On the right you can peek at Van Rubens transforming the tired old walls with a lovely shade of mustard coloured yellow.

This is not only a welcome change but possibly an ironic comment, because that colour is the closest you will get to mustard in that particular eating establishment.

The mustard colourd period
Blue bells in the forest Local woodworks  

Regular readers of this publication will know that our editor has a morbid fascination with road works. Hardly a hole can be dug or a JCB let loose in town without him annoying everyone with his camera. So when he went into the forest today to record a blue bell ringing contest, we all felt reasonably safe.

The bluebells are lovely at this time of the year and when the sun shines - as in the picture on the left - the world is a beautiful place.

No sooner had our editor finished listening to the bluebells, than he stumbled across and down a brand new road slashed right through the forest.

This memorial to human progress starts at the old forest road at the top end of the park, leads right past O'Cahans rock and continues down to the river in a rather inelegant sweep, leaving destroyed trees and very little else in its relentless path.

Smelling a story, our editor hastened along this new scenic road, wondered fleetingly where the wood had gone because he could only trip over dead trees, until he finally met up with the cause of all this natural destruction.

A slash through the forest
Building a road Meet the boys!

A man gnawing away at the rock with a compressed air hammer and a JCB driver whose pride of a job well done does not halt because of the odd dog walker passing by.


They are going to fix the old weir at the bottom of O'Cahan's Rock. I'm sure very few people knew that there is anything wrong with it, but apparently there is. They are also going to fix some of the leaking places in the old mill race - and if they clean it up and fill it with water while they are at it, the current noisy activity might have a useful purpose after all.

The last of a kind

On the right are both of Limavady Tech's second year computer classes making it clear that they are definitely finished with the course! Also visible is their lecturer, who looks as if he should retire as soon as possible.

The good-bye celebrations were held in Room 42 and it is rumoured that Jochen hasn't been sober since.
Fair well gifts

The 2001 Computer Science lot

The last of many.

This picture is also an early entry in the 'Spot Jim' competition.

The photograph was taken by Damian Boyce, famous creature and technician.

A piece of ground High Density Housing

This is the latest building craze in Limavady and is the art of putting a dozen houses where once there was only one. The term refers to the size of the profit the developers can make from the enterprise and to the amount of people that can be crammed into a small space.

Take Drumachose House for instance. Once a beautiful Victorian mansion, it was knocked down in great haste before it could be made a listed building and is to be replaced by 10 apartments and 23 houses. Presumably this is why they felled most of the beautiful trees that used to grace this place.

The owners of the surrounding properties have obviously objected, but so far have had no luck with their complaints. Rumour has it that the current site of Hüco - just opposite - will also be re-developed and that the German firm will be moving into Hoechst's old premises.


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