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May 1999

Spring has come

The valley is basking in sunshine and the gorse is in full bloom.

Gorse flowers

As always, when the sun shows up, people come out into the open and have a comfortable chat.
Chatting neigbours
The Jane Ross festival

The 1999 Jane Ross community festival started on the 30th of April and will continue until the 8th of May. Various activities and events have been organized though the name "Jane Ross" doesn't seem to feature in any of them.

The Country Park

The park is in full bloom, the wild flowers and bluebells decorate the forest floor and nature is trying to recover from the effects of the winter's storms and the enthusiasm of a demented fencing master with a side-line in sign writing.

Let's have more trees and fewer fences please.

Fly to Limavady

A new air route has been opened between Derry City Airport and London Stansted. Derry City airport is in Eglinton, a few miles outside Limavady so this new service will make it much easier for people to visit the Roe Valley.

After all, who would want to go to Derry if they can come to Limavady instead?

The Carrick bridge

The adventurous old foot bridge that used to span the Roe just below the Carrick Church has been put back into place - hopefully they repaired it as well!. This will give walkers as well as fishermen and poachers easier access to the other side of the river.

The Mayor's Parade

This magnificent occasion took place again this year. I must admit that our reporter roamed the town to try and find out when it would begin and couldn't find a single poster.

However, not all is lost. Those great guys at Star Concepts - Limavady's only web design firm - were fully awake and took some nice pictures, which you can't  find any more.

The Motor bike invasion

The place is filled with great swarms of bikes - some of them as massive and noisy as their owners. Is it an invasion? Is it the end of motorized transport as we know it? No, it's the North West 200 time of year again.

Today is Saturday and the town will be very quiet for a while as lots of people head towards Portrush for the race. Let's hope the weather stays fine.

Flower basket Flowertown Limavady

The time has come again when the town council very kindly decorates the streets of Limavady with the usual colourful collection of free Spring flowers. All over town bright patches of colour are appearing - and disappearing at an alarming rate.

It's a pity that the vandals in Limavady have this peculiar liking for trees and flowers.

Stolen colour

Come on boys, you are supposed to look at the flora, not steal it.

Building work continues

The stirling Main Street building team is digging around the historic fountain now.

I haver never before seen so few men dig so many holes in such a long time while producing so much dust and holding up so much traffic. Let's hope they've installed a drain and water supply this time 'round.

The old fountain


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