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Novemeber 2000

It used to be beautiful Drumachose House is no more

Drumachose House and the surrounding grounds, including most of the magnificent trees have been turned into a pile of rubble. There goes another piece of Limavady history that should have been preserved.

Drumachose Glebe House was built in 1810 by the Rev. Thackeray and expanded in 1824 by a Mr. Olphert, who planted some of the trees that have now been so thoughtlessly cut down.

There sure are some people in Limavady who hate mature trees and old buildings.

Parking on a Hill

This is a typical early morning scene outside the Country Park Centre. Notice the elegant curve of the hill and how difficult it is for any driver approaching from the Largy Bridge to pass this lot in safety.

As the car park is only 20 yards up the road, it seems that the benefits of a short walk apply only to the customers of this splendid centre for outdoor activities.

Several cars parked on a hill outside the Country Park centre
News Browser Editor on the mend

The editor of this famous newspaper is back at his desk and promises several new news items for the delectation of our worldwide readership in the near future. "It takes more than a sore back to close us down for yet another week" said he.

Tudor - our monosyllabic newshound - when asked to expand on the above statement simply said - and we quote word for word: "Rough".

Tudor the news hound
Duck everyone

Damian Boyce, famous computer technician and electronics freak is learning to fly an airplane. Rumour has it that this explains why there are so many noisy flying machines buzzing the town. There are two theories:

  • It's Damian trying to find out where he is.
  • It's all the other pilots trying to get out of the way.

Investigations are continuing.

A road outside the town Is this the new by-pass?

A new road has suddenly appeared outside the town close to the Myroe crossroads. Huge metallic pipe sections have been spotted from the distance and the activity surrounding them is as mysterious as it is interesting.

This reporter can't help feeling though, that the new by-pass sounded much bigger when it was talked about in the past.


If the person who lost a mobile telephone in the car park of the Country Park Centre this Sunday (the 19th) were to go to the Limavady Police Station, he or she could be in for a pleasant surprise.

A correctly parked car Website exposes local driving habits

A local website has taken an in-depth look at what makes driving in Limavady such an invigoratingly different experience.

Just click on this link for a quick connection.

The Loudspeakers are back

In a courageous attempt to drive away the last of the paying centre-of-town customers, dozens of loudspeakers have been installed again. This has two great advantages for the local traders:

  • It reduces the amount of work and hence leads to a more enjoyable Christmas.
  • It makes a demonstration of appalling musical taste not only possible but obligatory.

Some readers may remember the ten or twelve badly performed Christmas tunes usually played on these occasions. You must! - After all, you heard them last December and the December before that. Guess what: You will hear them again this year. (Those of you who live abroad: Count yourselves lucky)

An infernal machine hanging on a post
The price of pollution

Irish Waste, who are responsible for spilling a tanker load of nitric acid in September, have been fined only £5000. The acid, which belonged to Seagate, contained various metallic trace elements and there are worries that this might have contaminated the ground water table.

We are not sure how much it would have cost to re-cycle this material but suspect that it would have cost more than £5000.


Gareth Houston is back and reports that Limavady lost 2-0 to Coleraine Institute on the 27th last month.

On Saturday 4th

Limavady was beaten 2-1 by Ballyclare, after having been ahead 1-0.

11th November 2000

Another bit of sad news. Limavady United lost away against Lisburn Distillery by 1-0. However, the rugby team did rather better and beat Belfast Harlequins by 12-11. 18th November 2000

As a new feature, we supply Gareth's game report.

Limavady 1 Ballyclare 0

Yesterdays game against Ballyclare was one of the wettest games for a long time, but with bad conditions Limavady still managed to pull off a good win with a penalty taken by Russell Kerr.

After this Limavady seem to pick up and play some excellent football at times, with the game going into extra time it was end to end stuff. Then another penalty! This time given against Limavady in the 3rd minute of extra time.

With the greatness of ease Limavady goalkeeper, Mark McDivet, plucked the ball out of the air and gave Limavady the full three points.

(Gareth Houston)


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