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November 2002

The council offices Grave situation in Cemetery  

The council has been approached by a developer who wants to buy a part of the graveyard. This grave matter - formerly shrouded in secrecy - was discussed during the last meeting. Some councillors were mortified by the whole idea - indeed one of them suggested that as far as he was concerned, such a deal would be a dead loss to the town.

It was decided to let the matter rest for a while.

Bang, bang, sparkle, sparkle ... Halloween  

Halloween came to a noisy climax with a grand fireworks perpetrated by the council. Admiring crowds watched the display and Tudor, our famous newshound, hid in a filing cupboard - terrified out of his little black and white soul.

It has been quiet ever since. This is a great improvement on last year's noisy endurance test and we feel we have to congratulate the forces of law and order that have kept the town so quiet this year. "Well done boys and girls, and keep up this arresting performance!"

Autumn in the Roe Valley Country Park Could this be Autumn?  

Even those patient and optimistic people who are still waiting for the Summer to arrive have had to admit that suddenly the countryside looks suspiciously autumnal. Where has the Summer gone? And come to think of it, what happened to the Spring?

Not to worry, lovers of cold and windy weather are in for a real treat - so not all the seasons have been lost.

The new Roe Bridge
The new Roe Bridge  

Work has started on the new bridge and the town has been filled with the thumping sounds of pile drivers for the last few days. When this photograph was taken the piles on the right had already been sunk, but the ones on the left are still standing there waiting for the man with an extra large hammer.

It takes one and a half hours to sink one of those piles, apparently. Progress on the by pass is rather patchy at the moment. Every once in a while one can see some activity: usually one man doing some work and a dozen others standing around telling him how to do it, at other times the place just lies deserted and soaks up the rain. In the evenings it is used by some citizens to take their evening stroll or walk the dog.

Another Landmark bites the Dust  

Yet another bit of Limavady's history is being demolished. The Gospel Hall was built in 1830 and was the original courthouse of the town. It is thought to have been designed by Robert Given, a famous architect of the time.

It is a shame that there is no will or money to preserve some of our old buildings. Drumachose House and most of its beautiful trees have been replaced by a high density housing development, the Alexander Hall still stands - but only just, and now the Gospel Hall is gone. "What is next?" one wonders.


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