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November 2004

Just hold your nose!
Money stinks?!  

You are looking at the Limavady sewage works, situated more or less at the edge of the middle of the town - seen on a splendid day, like most of the photographs in these pages.

The only thing good that can be said about the place is that it looks better than it smells. The worse thing that is being said about it is not fit to be printed in a coy publication such as this.

But not all is lost. The board in charge of smelly liquids in Northern Ireland has decided to spend some money on the place and upgrade it to be fit for the average nose. Great news for all of us.

This piece nearly didn't make it because our editor, when he saw it, groaned: "This story stinks!"

A very large crane Building work  

This is the crane used for erecting the new building that replaces Tweedy Acheson's furniture shop - photographed from Lidl's car park. If the size of the crane is anything to go by, the new building will be massive.

Acheson's must be planning to sell some very tall furniture in the future!

A roof top full of birds Birds a'plenty.  

This reporter had never realised just how many pigeons make a living in central Limavady. The photograph shows a roof top in Main Street, which seems to have a built in bird magnet. They all sit around, stare longingly at the Alexander memorial hall next door and presumably do what pigeons do best.

Careful readers who plan to walk past that building have an obvious choice:

  • 1. Cross to the other side of the road and risk the wrath of Limavady's motorists.

  • 2. Duck and run.
Snow on Benevenagh Winter is coming.  

It is traditional in the Roe Valley to complain about the weather. Indeed, this topic of conversation is practically obligatory. The one thing we can't often complain about is early snow fall.

The News Browser's weather expert has been warning us about a cold Winter for weeks. This apparently is predicted by the huge crop of haws adorning many hedgerows. She was right - the valley experienced the first snow fall in the middle of November. Benevenagh and the Donegal mountains look really pretty at the moment.

It is thought that there is much more of the same to come.

Shopping sign The purpose of the black poles  

The purpose of the mysterious black poles that appeared all over the centre of town has finally been revealed: they are posts for the display of cryptic messages.

The ones in Market Street boldly claim that this is the place to shop this Christmas. Does that mean that people are encouraged to shop somewhere else for the rest of the year?

It is good advice, however, as long as you don't want to buy a car, a computer, balsa wood, a wheelbarrow or any number of other items.


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