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November 2006

Old hut and Benevenagh Removing a bit of history - brick by brick  

The single storey huts of what used to be the wartime Limavady airfield are disappearing brick by brick. A demolition team is busy in one sector of the old site at the moment. The roofing asbestos has to be wrapped in plastic and sent to Scotland, apparently, where they have the only safe storage site.

The bricks are being carefully separated and sold at a premium price to be used to build either airborne castles or fancy indoor architectural features - our reporter was a bit confused about the precise details. However, this just shows that some people can make a profit out of practically anything at all!

They have promised not to take the grass so that Finlagan - the hungry stallion - won't have to worry about his food.

For those who would like to find out more about the old airfield, we have provided this link.

Beach buggies at Benone Beach racing at Benone  

The international powerkiting association is holding part of their Winter racing at Benone beach. Our reporter couldn't resist going down there and taking some pictures. It is believed that the competitors in the picture are either seriously off-course or they are just practising for the first race.

The basic rules of the sport seem to be fairly simple and can be stated thus.

  • Don't fall off
  • Don't get wet
  • Try not to get air-borne
  • Remember the colour of your sail
  • Drive as fast as you can

Considering all these rules, it still looks like a lot of fun.

Beach buggies at Benone

Moonlight over Lough Foyle  

At this time of year when the moon is in the West and bright, and the night sky is clear, beautiful views of Lough Foyle can be enjoyed by any of our local readers. Mind you - they would have to get up at four or five in the morning and climb Benevenagh.

If they are still awake and/or alive when they get to the top of the mountain they can enjoy a uniquely beautiful view.

Should any brave soul follows this advice, please tell us if you spot some other Newsbrowser readers lurking in the dark!


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