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September 2004

A furrow The World Ploughing Championships  

The World Ploughing Championships are held in Ballykelly this year - beginning on the 2nd of September and lasting for three days.

There may be many more onlookers than can be seen in our picture. Foyle View farm - where it is all happening - is expected to be a very crowded place during the next few days, so if you own a helicopter we can only suggest that you make use of it to get there.

If you have never seen a ploughing match and would like to know what to expect, here is a link to our racy writeup of the Ulster Vintage Ploughing championships in 2001.

A gap in Main Street Knocking down Tweedy Acheson's  

Our photograph shows all that doesn't remain of Tweedy Acheson's furniture shop any more. I am assured that they will move back to the place as soon as a new building has been erected. One by one a lot of the old - often out-worn - buildings in Limavady are being replaced.

Former tech students who had the misfortune of being taught by both our editor and our spell checker should look at the character in the foreground. It seems Karol Forrest has found a summer job with the post office.

The court house Renovating justice  

The court house is getting a face lift at the moment. Whether this is because it is going to be sold when they all move to Derry or because it drips onto the judge's wig during a rainy day is unknown.


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