Wildflowers on


Harebell and thristle

The lane to our house is an ancient mountain track, the banks of which are covered in wildflowers for most of the year. These pages were written to celebrate those little beauties. This is not an expert guide, but is meant to show just how beautiful and varied our native flowers are.

Neither of the contributors is a botanical expert. Meg knows a lot about flowers and learns more every day and Jochen feels sure that he would know a plant when he sees one. Hence, if any readers know more than this and would like to share their knowledge, please don't be shy and e-mail us.

Many of these flowers are tiny and look much larger in the photographs. Investigators of the real thing are urged to bring a large magnifying glass.

flower Early Spring Spring
Early Summer Summer
Late Summer Early Autumn

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  • www.habitas.org.uk
  • www.reticule.co.uk
  • 'Irish Wild Flowers' by Ruth Isabel Ross
  • Photographs taken with Olympus C-8080 and Canon EOS 400D digital cameras.

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