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April 2008

That building site Roadworks

The town-improvement scheme opposite Tesco's entrance shows signs of developing into one of these everlasting roadworks. Early in the morning invisible people seem to come along to re-arrange all the traffic cones into new intriguing patterns, a small wall has been built and there seem to be fewer trees and vegetation - but not much else seems to be happening.

Confusingly, driving out from Tesco's, one can turn right one day, turn only left on the following day and on certain lucky days one can even drive across the road for the bypass.

It looks as if all of this work will end up as a roundabout. By the time it is finished the average driver is likely to be so confused, he'll turn into a traffic lout and do a turnabout on the roundabout.

A little church in MagilliganSource book on Magilligan

Bobby Forrest has published a source book on the parish of Magilligan. It contains various items gathered from the files of the public record office, all conveniently collected for the family historian or researcher.

Amongst others you find the Muster Roll from 1666, 1740 householder returns, Magilligan marriages (1683-1739) and much more.

Bobby plans to bring out booklets on most of the parishes in the Roe Valley and you can contact him via this e-mail address.

If you fancy one of the booklets be sure to ascertain that the worth of your worldly goods stretches at least to 10 pounds!

A yow in the snow Lambing on Benevenagh

The lambing season high up on Benevenagh has nearly ended and the yows couldn't have picked a worse time. Big Arnold, our agricultural correspondent reports that the weather for lambing hasn't been this bad since he was much, much smaller.

Me and me ma It must be said however, that the sheep did very well and produced lots of healthy offspring - though, as can be seen on the right, some lambs coped much better with the adverse conditions than others.

A yow in the snow What is it?

Members of the public have asked our reporter to find out what this strange object, spotted in the central car park might be. Is it a heap of rubbish? Could it be a failed attempt at a camp-fire ? - or is it just another Danny Boy monument erected by the council in an idle moment?

The answer is very simple:

Limavady has a growing and often quite adventurous skate- boarding community. Towards the end of the month they tend to be rather out of pocket, but they do like to fly to Dungiven every once in a while.

This is their runway.


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