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August 2008

Sheep pens at the show Stonework 

The construction on the right is part of the civic improvement scheme at lower Main Street. It is designed - one hopes - to enclose a nice tree, thereby bettering the air as well as the look of the place.

Strangely, all the other tree-islands along Main Street have strongly rounded corners when seen from the road. We can't help wondering why this is the only one to be three quarter square.

It will also be noticed that a sharp corner is facing the oncoming traffic. We assume that this was done to make any future collision with a car really worth the while.

Sheep pens at the show The Limavady slave trade?

Regular readers will be aware that our editor can never resist a well designed, informative bit of sign posting.

Most people will agree that modern day slavery is a bad thing - but we feel that to sell them off at half price, really adds insult to injury.

For aficionados of the genre we offer a link to the rest of the collection.

The Silly Sign Collection

A partially ecclipsed sun A partial eclipse of the sun

We know that many of our regular readers are interested in astronomy and rely on our editor to inform them on what's going on above.

On the 1st of the month we had a partial eclipse of the sun. Local readers will probably be surprised to hear this, because as usual the sun was hidden for most of the time and if our prime luminary had been occulted by two moons, hardly anybody would have noticed.

However, with the help of a large telescope, a sun filter, his camera and a great deal of patience our photographer managed to get this shot. It shows the sun peeking through the clouds at about 10:35 in the morning.

An old generator The old power station

Local readers will know that Limavady can boast the first hydro-electric power station in Ulster. The old generating shed is located right beside the Dogleap Bridge and is very well preserved and expertly looked after by the Country Park people.

After hanging about doing nothing for far too long, our editor finally decided to commission an illustrated history of the place. Two star reporters drove all the way out to the country park, a very helpful warden unlocked the relevant door, photographs were taken, oohs an ahs echoed off the walls whilst a specially-hired electrical engineer made sure that all was properly understood.

The resultant article can be accessed  via this link

A new lake The Summer weather

For  a late November day the current weather wouldn't really be too bad, but for August?

On top of the howling gales we've had for the last few days there have also been huge downpours of what can only be called 'very large raindrops'.

Usually we advise  people planning to visit us to "Bring a large umbrella". This year we will have to change this advice to: "Bring a large boat - and remember to bring an umbrella as well."

The little lake on the right, which appeared overnight in Aghanloo,  is quite deep in places and is really rather pretty and romantic looking. We think  the powers that be should  consider making it permanent, as an attraction for tourists in large boats!


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