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 December 2008


The first snow New Fire Station for Limavady

Limavady is to have a brand new fire station. Not straight away, but in the years to come, once funding and a new site have been arranged.

As can be seen from our moody photograph on the right, the old station is not exactly one of the architectural marvels of the town and a replacement might do wonders. Additionally, it is in exactly the one place where the traffic is always at its busiest, which makes it difficult - though no doubt great fun - for the firemen to rush out to do their duty.

It is not known exactly how long it will be until the changeover  though responsible citizens are asked to keep their house fires under control until the great day arrives.

The first snow The sky at night

On the first of the month the sky over Limavady was quite spectacular.

At about six minutes past five in the evening, the planet Venus appeared from behind the moon and together with the planet Jupiter - in the top right of our photograph - it provided a spectacular show.

As many readers of the News Browser are quite interested in astronomy, we though we would provide you with a momentum of this occultation.

Meg's painting mess Local artist goes on-line

Margaret Lueg, a talented local artist and the News Browser's resident spell checker, has decided to open a website with some of her oil paintings.

You can visit it at

Apart from having a rather messy mountain top studio, she shows some of the best-spelled oil paintings on the planet.


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