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January 2008

A New Year's Greeting

Staff and Hound of this ageing newspaper wish all their patrons a most prosperous New Year.

May all your drinks be large ones - and all your fires well worth lighting!


Two turned backs  
A wintry Valley

All those people who were longing for a white 4th of January have had their wish fulfilled. The amount of snow that came down has surprised even the forecasters and the Ulster weather made it into the national news.

Not only is it snowing, there is also a howling gale so wrap up well everyone if you are coming to visit us. You will find most of the locals indoors.

The Largy bridge  
The Largy bridge

As there is nothing much happening this time of year and - because of the cold and the wind - it is becoming increasingly difficult to motivate our chief reporter to bestir himself, we decided to send him forth to record what the Largy Bridge looks like these days.

Unsurprisingly the structure is hardly visible in the January light. For those readers not from these parts: the Largy Bridge spans the Roe near the Country Park just beside Gallows Hill and is a famous - and welcome - bottleneck for the traffic in the area. It seems to be in reasonable condition!

A New Year's Greeting
Guess what . . . . . It's raining outside!

The inhabitants of this well watered town are quite used to be bit of bracing weather but some of the downpours just recently astonished even seasoned complainers. Luckily there were no serious floods and the river defences, though stretched, were not overcome.

Our picture shows Myroe after one lengthy soaking. We invite you to compare this picture with the one at the top of this page, which shows the same place in drier days.


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