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July 2008

Sheep pens at the show 
The Agricultural Show

The sunny month of June ended with the Limavady and Londonderry Agricultural show - to give the occasion its full cumbersome name. Early in the morning four wheel drive vehicles towing large trailers converged onto the Aghanloo site from all directions to deliver their mooing, baaing and whinnying passengers.(The animals were also pretty noisy)

Unfortunately the rain clouds travelled in the same direction, and everyone, four-legs or two, was in for a very damp morning.

Grooming a horse
Inside the tentLast minute preparations like grooming and feeding both man and beast went hand in hand with parading and judging. Above is just a small selection of the animals on show. Unfortunately our lazy photographer didn't get up early enough to get pictures of the cattle. They had all gone by the time our man finally turned up!

The banana manOne of the few dry areas around was the home-crafts tent, which was generously visited and supplied with anything from knitting, ripe fruits, flower arrangements and oil paintings of same. The successful day finished with the sun coming out and the best exhibits receiving their fully deserved prizes. We particularly liked the prizewinning character on the left - maybe because he reminds us of our editor hard at work!

The market yard

The Market Yard

This reporter has wasted several hours trying to remember when first it was decided to sell and develop the Market Yard - it may have been in a previous century.

Things seem to be finally moving. A digger and two dumpers are busy removing a large bank of sand, which the Roe has been busily accumulating in this place during the last few thousand years. It seems that a picturesque wall will be needed to stop the new development from sliding into the riverbed - which of course explains why all the mature trees were felled which used to grace this part of the river.

We will watch the developing development with interest.

Limavady police station
A new look

This photograph may be of interest to Limavady exiles who haven't been back to the town in a while. It is of course our rather imposing police station. 

Cognoscenti of the place will notice that the huge security fence, which looked like the something out of Jurassic Park just before the Tyrannosaur escaped, has gone to reveal the rather elaborate fenced wall in its full glory.

Limavady police station
New corner obstacles

Black bollards have appeared at the junction of Main Street with Connell Street. This corner is a favourite testing ground for advanced Limavady drivers,  where they like to practise the techniques needed to drive so close to a pedestrian that he or she either has to jump or sacrifice some toes.

Rumour has it that the average contestant can  score up to  five toes a turn ! These bollards will make sure that in future only the very best  drivers will be able to achieve such high scores.

Mind you, less skilled drivers could easily lose control of their vehicles when colliding with one of these obstacles and possibly injure the entire pedestrian rather than just his toes!


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