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  June 2008


The mound of Drumceat in Limavady The mound of Drumceat!

On Sunday, the 8th of June at 2.30pm , the ancient mound of Drumceat will be visited by a group of Gaelic speakers from the Isle of Lewis in order to sing psalms in Gaelic. This is an old tradition in the free church of Scotland. They will then travel on to St Columb's cathedral and repeat the performance.

For those not living here: the mound of Drumceat was erected to commemorate the Convention of Drumceat where - due to the influence of St Columba - the Scottish colony of Dalriada was given its independence. Additionally the local bards were told to toe the line or else.

Interested readers can read all about this fascinating part of the Roe Valley's history by following this link.
An ancient ruin Roe Valley Tourist attractions

The Roe Valley is famous for the many photogenic old ruins which grace our landscape - many of them lovingly described in these pages. People come to the area from all corners of the planet to admire the magnificent craftsmanship of ancestors long gone.

This must be why this wonderfully delapitated and ruinous object adorns the corner of Main Street and Connell Street. It is believed that it is a telephone junction box from an age long gone by - but who can tell any more? We feel sure that this splendid object can't help but attract many paying tourists to our little town.

After all - where else would you see a thing like this?
Six years difference A new vista

The extent of the deforestation at the bottom of Main Street can clearly be seen with these two photographs. They were taken about six years apart and the only thing instantly recognisable seems to be the telephone pole on the left.

Mind you, since Christ Church has had its walls and tower renovated, it looks the part, as they say around here and certainly gives an impressive view when entering the town from the Coleraine direction.

A pity about the trees though.

Digging the road More road works in Main Street

Isn't it amazing how much maintenance a wee town like Limavady needs? We didn't even know there was something wrong with the pavement outside Lidls until we saw this busy crew going at it with a will.

Be careful though, boys. The red rimmed object on the left is the back of the tourist attraction explained above. All the telephone and data cables going up Main Street originate there.

If you accidentally nick that cable, there'll be lots of trouble!


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