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September 2008

The market yard defences The Market-Yard development 

Work is progressing at the market yard development. 

Various machines and quite a few men have been busy taming this bend in the river Roe for the past few weeks. It is not clear whether this is going to be a road, a car park or a helicopter landing pad, but it definitely doesn't look  as nice as the trees it replaces.

All this work is necessary because when the river Roe is in flood, it carries a lot more water than can be seen on our photograph. 

Come to think of it - that wall doesn't look high enough!

Don't follow uyon sign This way to the recreation ground?

This particular example of the urban planners' desire to inform can be found at the Derry entrance to Limavady. We have puzzled over the meaning of this strange sign and have come up with the following possible explanations:

  • The recreation ground has been moved into the garden of the orange hall but is only open to people from the southern hemisphere.

  • This is a trap for unwary tourists and a hidden camera is waiting to record the sign swinging to the right: clobbering all passers by as they come.

  • The sign is ready to fall - and somebody should really be told to fix it!
The Silly Sign Collection
No more green Our strangely clean monument

This is the Danny boy monument in Catherine Street. The inscription at the bottom quotes a line from our famous song: "from glen to glen and down the mountainside "

In order to symbolise all these glens and mountains, the sculptor had originally specified a spout at the top of that sphere so that water could trickle down the globe.

Unfortunately, not only did this attract the unwelcome attention of inquisitive children but the globe also turned a strange shade of algae-green after a very short time.

Those hard-working lads from the council yard manfully scrubbed the marble globe every few week or so, but we see that they seem to have given up the unequal fight and turned the water tap off.

No more forty shades of green for this particular monument!

Wild goats in Aghanloo Wood Wild goats invade Aghanloo Wood

Sharp-eyed viewers will instantly notice that the animals grazing in the small clearing on the left are not sheep but goats.

We are looking at a small part of Aghanloo Wood, which is an area of special scientific interest stretching along the Limavady side of Benevenagh, just below the commercial forest belonging to the forestry commission.

The government's laudable aim is to return this ancient woodland to its former glory.  This is done by fencing the area off, so that the old flora and fauna can re-establish itself. At the moment the canopy is still rather low, but in years to come hazel, ash, oak, willow and birch will hopefully re-establish themselves. 

Few people are aware of the fact that Aghanloo Wood is one of the largest continuous blocks of ancient woodland in Ulster. Many rare plants can be found here and there are rumours, that it is one of the last retreats of the red squirrel in the area.

Two wild goatsMuch work has been done to keep the wild goats out of this natural treasure chest, because goats and forests just don't mix very well. Obviously the animals have managed to nibble their way in and should be removed as soon as possible.

As the goats in the picture above are rather small, we we included a close-up of two and a half of them on the right. Some of the animals are extremely well fed and seem to be hungry all the time!
The damaged roller door Break-in in Jeweller's shop

Bond's, who used to be a shoe shop and now sell jewellery, have suffered a break-in on the 17th of this month. Thieves smashed the plate glass door of the establishment and got away with an unknown quantity of the merchandise. 

The criminals also damaged the roller door from the Conell Street car park into the arcade -  leaving it at a very uncomfortable elevation. Police are investigating the crime.

The Newsbrowser's crime-team , experts of international dis-repute,  are convinced that the deed was done by a bare-footed but forgetful thief, who though the shop was still selling shoes!


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