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  April 2009

Orion over the Roe Valley Some you get and some you just don't

Last month we promised to try for a picture of the ISS as well as the space shuttle, but we have to admit to the  total failure of this project.

The rest of the crew blames the editor. The editor blames the terrible Ulster weather and a total lack of co-operation from NASA.

Be this as it may, as a substitute we offer a photograph taken as a test shot which shows the constellation Orion in a sky lit by the lights of Derry.

We ask our viewers either to imagine the two trails crossing through the constellation, or to just enjoy the picture as it is!

A static building site We think they have started to move.

The photograph shows the site of the new Civic Centre at the beginning of the month. Clearly a decision has been taken to issue lots of blue helmets and yellow jackets and get something done.

Don't let the relaxed posture of the participants fool you. Clearly everyone is looking very stationary at the moment, but the way they carry those shovels tells the expert eye that they are planning to do something ....... very soon!

An angry goat The wild goats of Benevenagh

Regular readers of the Newsbrowser will have wondered what happened to these magnificent creatures.

Well, it's that time of the year again. The males are nervous and bad tempered and have running fights all over the forest. The four oldest males seem to be fighting 24 hours a day.

The rest of the herd looks healthy and eats a lot.

If you want to see them in action, just click on this link.

View from the ferry Save our Ferry

A Greencastle property firm has launched a  Save Lough Foyle Ferry
website. Visitors can sign a petition and read the latest news.

As nobody else seems to be doing much about the loss of this valuable asset, any initiative to save the ferry is welcome and has the Newsbrowser's support.

Just click on the link above or the one below to visit the site.

This link is now dead.


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