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 August 2009

A ccentral building site in Limavady More Roadworks

Isn't it a comforting thought that some things never change in Limavady?

 Roadworks for instance. 

The Newsbrowser has only been around for ten years and it seems that in this short time all the streets in the centre of the town have been dug over at least once - possibly more often.

On the right is the look of Catherine Street at the beginning of the month. It seems to be roadworks with a promising future, because they started on the Roe Bridge and seem to have the potential to infect the entire town.

A cup of coffee in Aghanloo New Coffee Shop opens in Aghanloo

Readers fed-up with the hurly-burly of the centre of Limavady and in need for some quiet refreshments out in the country, could do worse than try this brand new cafe.

You'll find it in Aghanloo beside the new premises of the printing office - and our editor assures us that the cup of coffee he is staring at, was excellent.

Sunset over Loueh Foyle The early Autumn

Local readers will instantly know what we are talking about. The predicted hot Summer so far has been absolutely shocking, disgusting and whatever.

The only good thing about the weather is that one occasionally sees a sight like the one on the right, which shows some splendid lighting effects over Lough Foyle and the Roe mouth.

A country fair A country fair

The above event was held in the Country Park this month. Many stalls selling all sorts of things more or less connected with 'the country' were on offer. Beautiful weather in the morning made things look very pleasant.

The one confusing thing were the parking arrangements. The country park car park was closed and confused motorists were seen roaming the countryside all over the place, all wondering what do do next. A bit like that dog on the left, really.


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