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 February 2009

Trading through the window Trading through the window

It appears that the former furniture shop of Tweedy Acheson's has finally been let to a new owner.

Trading would seem to be rather complicated as they don't seem to have access to the door. Customers will presumably be advised to bring their own forklift and/or ladders!

The market yard in Limavady The Market Yard - again.

A lot of building work has been going on at the old Market yard. Powerful machines and sturdy men have beavered away for weeks and produced this rather large and empty car park with a strange looking central ornament.

Now all this work has suddenly stopped again an all is wrapped in an expectant silence.

Our editors hope soon to be able to sit in the new development's classy restaurant - looking out over the Roe towards the Rough Fort whilst sipping his coffee beside a string quartet playing beautiful music - has had to be shelved yet again.
The Roe Bridge in Limavady
Visitors should note that it isn't really worth while visiting the site to admire the work of contemporary art shown above, but the view onto the lovely old Roe Bridge is certainly the best in town.

The old milk-yard They have finally started building

The old milk-yard, which used to belong to Leckpatrick and was an endless source of milk, yoghurt and early morning noise, has been lying empty for ten or more years. Finally, at the height of a building slump, somebody has decided to do something with the place.

Good luck boys!

The old milk-yard The Lough Foyle Ferry

This splendid vehicle ploughs the seas between Magilligan and Greencastle and gives a valuable service to locals  and tourists alike. Unfortunately - like many small ferry services in Europe - it has been relying on a government grant - and this money is about to run out.

All relevant authorities have so far washed their hands of this problem and have more or less told the ferry company:

"You can sink or swim, because we plan to leave you high and dry". Most of these options are of course not very attractive for this kind of craft.

Both Greencastle and Limavady councils plead abject poverty and the relevant Stormont minister says that there is no money for cross border ferries. This is a crying shame, because the ferry has given sterling service over the last few years.

The News Browser has a special interest in the preservation of this ferry of course, because our description of a trip around the valley   relies on this vessel for whatever little plot-line the story has!


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