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 July 2009

The old facade The new civic centre

These two sturdy mechanics on the right are busy demolishing that strange looking metal prop, which has kept the façade of the old Alexander Memorial hall pointing in a more or less vertical direction for the last few years.

The hall had to be knocked down because of neglect, dry rot and other things. As the sandstone façade was rather popular, it was decided to make it a part of the new civic centre, which is to take the place of the old hall

The main building

Work on that splendid new edifice is progressing rapidly. Its going to be v-e-r-y big and remarkably square. By the looks of things there will be loads of room in this new amenity, which is of course exactly what this town needs.

An inquisitive cow

The Agricultural Show

This year's Limavady and Londonderry Agricultural Show - to give the occasion its full impressive title - was held on the 11th day of the month.

The weather just about held out and  - as can be seen from the pictures below - everyone had a very good time. Attendance by man and beast was very good indeed

A ram at the Limavady Show

Some fairly exotic-looking animals could be admired.   There were horses, goats, cattle and many sheep - some of them stranger looking than others.

As usual, the catering facilities were very popular.
The crowd

Home crafts tent

The homecraft tent was a very popular as well as quite beautiful place.

A yow at the show
Young and old took part in the sheep judging - sometimes to comical effect.
A very tired goat

 However, it must be stated  that not everyone was entirely captivated by all of this excitement  all of the time.

Tudor's first price
Finally we are proud to report that an oil painting of our news-hound Tudor done by our very own spell checker Meg, won 1st prize and a best exhibit rosette.


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