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 March 2009

The bus and the orange hall Bus crash in Aghanloo

This was the scene on the 20th of February, on the Murderhole Road.  A bus crashed into the wall of Aghanloo Orange Hall and blocked half the road.

The police were quickly on the scene and by three o'clock the bus had been towed away.

This particular junction, where the Aghanloo Road meets the Windyhill Road, has always demanded very careful navigation!

Just another building site? Just another building site?

A fair bit of digging and carting about has been going on at the Coleraine entrance to the town.

No big signs announcing the purpose of the site, and how much money various public bodies have contributed, have appeared as yet. But local rumour has it, that Tesco is building a petrol station on this very spot.

This is good news for those of us who currently have to travel to Coleraine, just to get a tank-full of clean diesel from Sainsbury's.

The civic centre

The Civic Centre building site

Our intrepid reporter was sent to investigate the above place. This was more difficult than it sounds, because the site is surrounded by a near light-proof fence. Our man finally had to climb onto a convenient bench (Note: danger money refused! editor) to take the above photograph.

There isn't much to be seen as yet. There are two large heaps of dirt, either one - or possibly both - could be the result of an enthusiastic turf-cutting ceremony earlier in the month. There is the usual digger's shovel carelessly dumped in any old place, and a lonely rubbish bin which we assume contains all the dust brushed off this project over the years. This rather static picture is completed by a rather unenthusiastic-looking digger.

Get on with it boys - it's about time!

The re-surfacing glove The gloves are off

Outside Tesco's the investigative-minded pedestrian can spot a blemish in the otherwise perfect surface of macadam. The inset on the left of the picture shows the contents of this black hole in greater detail.

The presence of this unexpected glove poses several intriguing theories as to why it is there. This is what we have come up with so far:

1. One of the men originally employed to surface the car park was accidentally squeezed under by a steamroller and has just started to dig himself free.

2. A para glider from Ballykelly had a very heavy landing.

3. This is not unusual.  It's an ordinary re-surfacing glove.

4. All black holes in the universe contain such a glove - which explains why you never find one when you need it most.

The ISS and shuttle The International Space Station over Limavady

Regular readers will know that this publication has a special interest in all things astronomical.

The light trail in the picture on the right is a time exposure of the ISS (international space station) travelling across the Limavady evening sky. In fact, the trail hides not only the ISS but also the space shuttle Discovery, which docked with the ISS the day before.

The object rises just west of Orion and is very bright indeed and easily seen. It travels very fast and a complete pass lasts only five minutes - less if the space station enters the earth shadow halfway across the sky, as happened when this picture was taken.

Soon the shuttle will un-dock from the ISS and there should be two bright trails in the skies above the valley. With luck and a lot of know-how, we hope to be able to show this as well.

Two astronomical articles in a row. What is the News Browser coming too?


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