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  November 2009

Just wait for the holdups. Lovely building works to start soon

This sign has appeared recently at lower Main Street, informing the much tried Limavady motorist that yet another bout of large scale civic improvements is about to begin.

This time it seems to be a new sewer and the work will last for twenty weeks - that is five months or 140 long days -  well into the next year in fact.

The sign rather sarcastically announces that delays may be a possibility. In our experience delays will not just be a certainty, but the norm.

We can only hope that come April next year, they will manage to fill in the trenches fast enough so that the next lot gets a chance to dig the road up again in style.
Just wait for the holdups. Our roaming photographer

came across this rare sight in Main Street Limavady the other day.

Quoth he:

"Mobile phones are all well and good, but this is ridiculous!"

Just wait for the holdups. Tesco's filing station has finally opened

Tesco's new filling station at the Coleraine Road just outside Limavady has opened without much ado.

Apart from the normal refreshments for things on wheels, there is also a small store for people in such a hurry, they can't drive a mile further and shop in the big store.
Closeup of the plaque
The Walworth Yeomanry
The old rifle

In the reception room of North Down County Council the astonished visitor can examine the weapon on the right. Rick Donnelly, who knows a thing or two about old guns, examined the piece and found it to be a Baker rifle, manufactured sometime during or after the Napoleonic war.

A plaque, inlaid in the butt, states that it belonged to a member of the "Walworth Yeomanry".  Not much is known about this outfit, except that it was a unit of 18 to 20 men from Derry.

Walworth is just outside Limavady in Ballykelly and used to belong to the ancient guild of the Fishmongers, who also built the model farm, Sampson's tower and many other things.

If any of our readers knows anything at all about the Walworth Yeomanry, we would be delighted to hear about it.
Please drop a note to our editor via this link.

We are much obliged to Martyn Boyd, who gave permission to use the photographs in this article.


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