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 October  2009

The Aghanloo show in Limavady The Aghanloo Show

 The end of the last month saw the Aghanloo show. This is a yearly event which mainly involves sheep, those who breed them and those who buy them.

This year's show was totally rained out and man and beast got a thorough soaking. This didn't seem to disturb the tough local farmers very much - for them it was business as usual.

However,  of all the star reporters on this planet ours is the least waterproof., so he just took this picture and went home early.

First prize went of course to Mr. Arnold Douglas of Aghanloo and his matchless yows.

Trying to land at Derry City airport Huge tyre fire in Campsie

 Our dramatic picture on the left shows a passenger jet approaching Eglinton airport, which is framed by smoke from a massive tyre fire, which broke out during the night of the 5th this month.

Luckily the prevailing wind blew all the smoke across Lough Foyle, rather than towards Limavady. Residents in Campsie were told to keep their windows shut. Sixteen fire engines are currently putting the blaze out.

 A video of this rare event can be reached via this link

The Alexander memorial hall under wraps The Alexander Hall all wrapped up

 Work on the new civic complex in the centre of town is progressing at a feverish pitch. The first impression the innocent observer gets is one of size - this place is going to be enormous!

Currently the façade of the former Alexander Memorial Hall - the rest of which has been  demolished - is wrapped up with polythene sheeting, presumably to allow the sand-blasting of the place.

Mind you, considering the time of the year and Limavady's famous weather, a sturdy man with a shovel, a load of sand and a favourable wind could do the  job more cheaply!

Where is that fountain? The Stirling fountain

 Our roaming photographer was struggling along  Main Street the other day when suddenly he didn't see something.

  Where was the Stirling memorial fountain and the large tree in whose balmy shade the missing object used to recline?

Enquires at the council offices revealed that the fountain is in a safe place and will be incorporated into the surrounds of the new civic centre at a later date  - which by all appearances will dwarf it somewhat.

No mention was made of the fate of the rather nice tree.


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