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 December  2010

Traffic jam on the Coleraine roadAn early Winter

Ice and snow have hit the Roe Valley early this year. On the right can be seen the main road between Limavady and Coleraine on the last Saturday of November.

Apart from showing the Newsbrowser's state of the art automatic weather prediction apparatus in the bottom left of the picture, readers will notice the solid traffic jam stretching from left to right. This lasted for several hours and can't have been very pleasant for the drivers involved.

The traffic jam was apparently caused by heavy snowfall and by the looks of it, the Windy Hill road was also affected.

It's a very nice photograph though.
Slippery pavementTin before skin

You are looking at a typical Winter pavement in Limavady. The early snow and frost have converted most pavements into death traps - as the courageous ratepayer on the left clearly shows.

The roads in Limavady town are beautifully cleared, salted snow-less and safe - which shows a commendably protective attitude towards cars.

One can only assume that the state of the town's pavements reflects the attitude of the powers that be towards their hard working ratepayers.

Note from the editor:
It is only fair to relate that the day after this article was published, most footpaths in Limavady were indeed salted and fit for use.
Tudor on the laneA white Winter

A severe snowfall on the 6th of this month covered the entire valley in a thick blanket of snow. High-lying areas were especially affected. The mountain road to Coleraine was closed for a time, as was the City of Derry airport and elsewhere traffic had to move very slowly indeed.

Mind you, the valley sure looked pretty. On the right is a side road up on Benevenagh being investigated by our famous news-hound Tudor.

He reported lots of snow and hardly any interesting smells at all.
Huge kids for saleA silly sign from far away

Regular - and by now considerably older - readers  may remember the year when one could buy a raptor accompanied child in a certain shop in Limavady.

Well, it seems that they have gone one better in the United States, as this photograph sent by Mark McElwee from Norristown clearly shows. Apparently over there they offer for sale any offspring that eats too much and grows accordingly. If you time it right you can even get the brat for a bargain price.

What will they think of next?
The moon over Lough FoyleThe moon over Lough Foyle

We do not want to deprive our readers of this beautiful sight: after the recent thaw, the moon lights up Lough Foyle, with the planet Jupiter on the  top left of our satellite.

The picture was taken from Benevenagh looking towards Derry on what was a cold, clear night.
The moon over Lough Foyle
Lots and lots of snow

This month's Newsbrowser's stories seem to be all about the weather - but we can't really ignore the best snowfall the valley has had in over 25 years. Outside the Browser's offices the snow is 30cm deep - elsewhere they are even luckier. Speak of a white Christmas!

Our photograph shows a rather pretty view of the snow-clad Roe Valley - with Limavady town in the middle framed by the impressively white Sperrin mountains.

If this goes on for much longer, they'll start ski races to Downhill!



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