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 February  2010

The moon at perigee The perigee moon

People looking up at the full moon at the end of last and the beginning of this month may  wonder why the moon looks so bright. This is not an optical illusion, the moon really is 30 per cent brighter than on some other nights - it also looks about 14 percent larger.

This is because its elliptical orbit brought it as close to the Earth as possible - some 50 000km nearer than its furthest point. Astronomers call this the perigee moon.

To see an equally bright moon again we will have to wait till 2011.

Another roadblock in Limavady Public works re-visited

The water main installation at the bottom of Main Street is progressing merrily. At the moment the road is blocked in a particularly creative way. Any shopper driving down Main Street imagining that he'll be shopping in Tesco's in another minute or two is in for a great shock, because to get to Tesco's from here you have to drive right through the town and take the bypass in order to get to Tesco's in the roundabout fashion.

Unless of course our driver really knows Limavady, dashes into the Tech's driveway, drives through the car park and out the back entrance to the Rugby Club car park and takes the back road to the
bottom of Main Street.
Limavady from above Google maps and the Roe Valley

This will be of interest to many of our readers. Bob Hunter wrote to tell The Newsbrowser that Google maps has finally started to show some high-resolution satellite imagery of the Roe Valley area.

Not only this, but Google street view has toured most of the scenic routes in the valley. The drive up the Bishops Road for instance, is well worth following.

Here is a link  to the Centre of town

followed by a view of the  Bishops Road in full flower.

Limavady from above Google maps and the round trip through the valley

Fans of bad driving may be interested to know that our record of a scenic drive through the Roe Valley has been enhanced with many relevant Google StreetView links.

This not only adds a totally new dimension to the story, but also lends some realism to an otherwise unlikely tale.

More links will be added as soon as Google updates their rather thin Roe Valley coverage.

A Scenic Drive


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