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 January  2010

 On their journey from the Old Year

Old Catherine Street

through the New Year

New Catherine Street

we wish our readers patience, good fortune and well gritted roads.

Happy 2010

Just wait for a fall Winter in Limavady

As can be seen on our photograph on the right, some snow has fallen in Limavady. All major road surfaces have been cleared and we can only advise all drivers to keep on cruising and never leave their cars, because the footpaths and pedestrian areas in town have turned into slippery death-traps.

Why nobody thought of clearing Market Street, for instance,  is a mystery.
Look - no bones. The snow is gone

Considering how much trouble the rest of the country has had with snow this year, the Roe Valley has got off very lightly. The mountains were covered, but the town had very little snow but - as our previous article pointed out - lots of very slippery ice.

As can be seen on the left, the ice has gone, any broken bones have been collected and disposed of and we all look forward to the next inundation.

Local drivers with carelessly parked cars studying this photograph, will be forgiven the thought that if certain people were to take a wintry break, it

wouldn't be a bad thing at all!

Roadworks in 2008 This month's building works

The photograph on the left is from a Newsbrowser article written in April 2008 and shows the building works at the bottom of Main Street. Back then the entire place was dug up for one reason or another.

Some time later the finished job looked lovely - a nice little park with footpaths and even a bench or two for tired souls to rest on and watch the busy roundabout in comfort.

Below is a current view of the place - you are looking at the same tree from a slightly  different direction.

They dig again in Limavady

 Fans of large building works will notice that more or less the exact same place has been thoroughly excavated yet again.

We think the authorities should be congratulated. It is a common complaint that no sooner is one job finished and the new tarmac is hardly dry, a new lot comes along to dig it all up again.

The fact that this part of the town was nearly untouched for 20 months seems ample evidence that the planners have finally got their act together!


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