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 June  2010

A day gone by Limavady Tech is 100 years old
What used to be 'Limavady College' and is now a Campus of the 'North West Regional College' is celebrating its 100th birthday on the 18th of June.

Former students are invited to inspect the place between 9.30 and 11.30 in the morning. Who knows, they might even bump into some former teachers. Later on in the day sees the  unveiling of a work of art specially commissioned for the occasion.

On the right - for lack of a more appropriate illustration - are some of the students who used to terrorize the old place in days gone by.

Do you still recognize yourself?

A Benevenagh bee
The bees of Benevenagh

"What has happened to them?" asks our agricultural correspondent. At this time of the year the western slopes of Benevenagh should be buzzing with the busy little insects - this year there isn't a honey bee in sight.

For the first time in years the gorse  - locally know as whin - is producing no seeds, most flowers just fall off the bush because, apart from the honey bee, only bumble bees pollinate this plant and there aren't enough of those to do the work.

This lack of bees in the area is of obvious concern to fruit growers and was probably caused by the late Winter snows rather than the worldwide collapse of bee colonies.

Many coloured columns in Limavady Colourful architecture

Readers who assume that they are looking at an office building in Disneyland are entirely mistaken - this is Limavady's new civic centre, whose columns have  acquired several impressive coats of coloured paint.

Words like 'eeeuuggh' and 'goodness gracious me' and even 'oh my goodness' come readily to mind  - let us just be glad that it isn't worse - they could have picked stripes or spirals.

One can't help wondering why all other buildings in Main Street have to blend into the Georgian style architecture of Limavady - when  the one new public building is allowed to look like this!




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