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 March  2010

Fred Wakefield, Raymond  and Victor Fred Wakefield has died

Fred Wakefield was buried on the first day of this month in Christ Church cemetery - close to the wall with the Technical college. Mr Wakefield, as he was universally known - was principal of Limavady Tech from 1959 until he retired in 1987.

Our early digital photograph shows him on the right in 1999 during an open day of his former college. Also shown on the photograph are Raymond Wright - Mr Wakefield's successor on the left  and Victor Whyte - the vice principal at the time - in the centre.

A slightly altered monument A monumental failure

Time and the rather cold Winter seem to have taken some of the substance off the  monument gracing the corner of Catherine Street and Market Street. One of the corners looks decidedly worn and that cryptic watery sphere in the corner shows signs of decay.

No doubt the boys working for the council will have some sort of sandstone coloured cement, with which to fix the damage.

Unless of course the line: "From glen to glen and down the mountain side" is meant to refer to the troubled journey of the actual monument.

A grey landscape Where is the Spring?

By rights the picture on the right should show green fields, but this year everything is grey. The slopes of Benevenagh harbour puzzled-looking sheep, scratching their woolly heads and wondering where the grass has gone.

There is brilliant sunshine but it is so cold that few things grow. The extra expense of supplying food to their animals must be a great worry to local farmers.

The ISS traversing Orion The ISS returns

Regular readers with an interest in things astronomical might like to know that the scientists manning the International Space Station could not resist the temptation to take another look at the Roe Valley at night and decided to inspect the place yet again on the 10th of the month.

Seen from below, the trail of their space craft travelled through the constellation Orion - which is saying good-bye to us at this time of the year -  and because it was a late pass, faded rapidly near the peak of the orbit. The dimming effect of the earth's atmosphere is clearly visible in our photograph.

The glow at the bottom is caused by the lights of Limavady.

A silly sign Another silly sign

Readers will be familiar with our customary hunt for enlightening notices with a slight twist which - for some unknown reason - are very common in the Roe Valley.

The beauty on the right can be found in what used to be Canning's yard. It belongs to a rather massive recycling shop and the advertising certainly doesn't do justice to the contents of the place.

We can only advise the management to use no sign at all or - if possible - slide that wicked door a foot or two to the right!

Here is our customary link to the silly sign collection.
Billy Moore's old place on Benevenagh Moore's old place is no more

This article will be of interest to those readers living on or near Benevenagh. For many decades Billy Moore's old place has been a feature of the mountain. Its white walls and red roof could be seen for miles.

Despite the rather basic architecture of the individual parts of the place, the combined effect of the buildings was quite charming.

Well, it finally had to give way to progress and is gone for good - as indeed is all the junk that had been piled up in the yard.


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