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 May  2010

Walk for Foyle hospice Charity walk on Benevenagh

Madonna Bond, who lives in the vicinity of the Newsbrowser offices has organised a charity walk over Benevenagh in aid of the Foyle Hospice.

The original  aim was to raise 250 pounds, but at the time of writing 617 pounds have been collected  by the adventurous people on the left, who all look very much more alert and rested than they will in a few hours' time.

Only ten pounds of this sum came via the web, so we thought that some of our many local and international readers would love the chance to contribute to this cause. Just by Clicking on this link
you can check on the progress of the fund raising effort and contribute as much as you like.

Our photograph shows the group at the beginning of their arduous trek. Madonna has just granted a rare interview to our news hound Tudor.
An airliner over the valley Time is the only thing that flies these days

The view on the right is becoming increasingly rare over the Roe Valley because on the 4th and 5th of this month Northern Irish airports were closed yet again .

This is because the winds from Iceland are carrying yet more dust and ash from the erupting volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Even though some flights left Belfast, the Eglinton  airfield remained closed and travellers were asked to make other arrangements.

Eglinton has become a quiet little village again. Enjoy it while it lasts.
A work of art? What might this be?

The strange object on the right appeared overnight at the entrance to Lidl's car park. Naturally our editorial team have been racking their brains to try and figure out what it all means.

Here is the result of their team-work so far:
  • The bend in the Connell Street car park is in the wrong place and should be moved five yards back.

  • Lidl's don't provide enough parking space, so creative drivers have to make their own.

  • The Roe Valley needs better driving instructors.

  • Nothing to do with cars. This is a modern work of brick-art - destined to take the place of the unfortunate Danny Boy memorial when the new civic centre opens - entitled:  '2010  -  The State of the Economy'.



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