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 November  2010

The Forth Hunter towing a bargeFriendship bridge tug leaves Lough Foyle

Local readers will be aware that the inhabitants of Derry recently felt the need to erect a 'friendship bridge', spanning the Foyle.

As is well known by now: nothing built by man and floating  on Lough Foyle escapes the notice of this paper! Hence  we present the image on the left.

It shows the tug 'Forth Hunter' towing the barge which was used to deliver the separate parts of the bridge.  It was subsequently used to aid in the assembly of the edifice.

We can only assume that the job is finished and we wish the crew a friendly good-bye.

Note: The photograph was taken from a distance of 8 nautical miles with a six inch newtonian reflector and a Canon400D camera.
A first editionHow time flies!

The Newsbrowser team is proud to remind the world that their web-paper is now 13 years old.

But then of course you all knew that.

On the right can be admired the first edition of our august rag. This historic document can of course also be reached via our index page or by simply following this link.
Detail of O'Cahan's tombUnseen historical treasures

True to the educational beginnings of this website, our editor has noticed that images of one of the greatest historical treasures in the valley are very difficult to come by. Apart from what this site offers, there are only some old black and white pictures to be found on the search engines.

With this in mind, we have opened a site on Picasaweb which  - amongst other themes - offers various views of the inside of O'Cahans tomb in the Dungiven Priory.

It seems a shame that such an important artefact is hidden from view most of the time. Here is

a link to the albums.
Recetion of the new civic centre in LimavadyThe new Civic Centre

We thought we would give the world wide community of Limavady devotees a chance to see the inside of the new Civic Centre. This can be found in Main Street, opposite Market Street. Our lazy editor actually bestirred himself to visit the place!

The first impressions are very favourable. It is a building with a lot of space, light and air - which is what public buildings should feel like.
The top photograph shows the reception area - minus the rather nice receptionist who had done a runner by this time.

The entrance to the right of our picture leads to a large area displaying leaflets, posters and souvenirs - which can be picked up, looked at or bought as the case may be.

Inside the civic centreThe picture on the left shows this room. Beside the glass showcase on the left wall one can just see the hologram of the Broighter gold, which used to be in the council offices.

This is now mounted at a height suitable for children and small persons. If - like our editor - you are rather taller than this you should consider bringing a chiropractor along if you would like to admire the hologram in its new location.

There will be an official opening later this month.
The Limavady Council christmas treeAn answer to a seasonal question

Apart from making the obvious statement that 'it is that time of year again', the photograph on the left also answers a frequently asked question to which there has never been an authoritative answer .

The question is of course:

"How many people does it take to deliver an official Christmas tree?"

The Newsbrowser is proud to present the answer, which is of course:

Five   ....  as well as a few backroom boys.


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